Janis Rossi

Co-Founder and
Senior Vice President, Marketing

Multifamily and Student Housing is where Janis has spent the past 18 years, dedicated to innovative thinking, branding and networking in B2B SaaS marketing. Focused on driving revenue through identifying unique competitive advantages of people, places, things, companies, social awareness, hospitality, operational efficiency, digital connectivity, innovative technology and good sense. I’m proud to be part of an amazing team to bring this cool new technology to life.

Janis Fun Image
Favorite Star Wars Character:
Favorite Musical Group/Band (past or present):
Kings of Leon
One Thing You Can’t Travel Without:
Good Mix of Tunes!
Best Advice You’re Ever Received:
I actually have two:
1. Laugh Loud and Laugh Often
2. People inspire you, or they drain you ~ pick wisely